You may send your submission by uploading your file to your Google Drive folder and sharing the link with us via our Contact form. This process will work best with either a .doc format or .pdf.

We do not accept all submissions.

Our Requirements:

  • Your submissions must fit within the mission of our company. We publish books that help readers say “yes!” to success and life. We publish in the areas of: Business Development (startup, growth, entrepreneurship, exit planning, sales, marketing), Personal Development (personal growth, motivational, self-help, success), and Wellness (fitness, health, nutrition).
  • Your book must be completely finished.
  • We prefer super-motivated authors who will promote their own books, so please include a marketing plan with your submission, and include a comprehensive review of your book, the competitive marketplace, your current following and future plans.

Other Services:

We also offer marketing services to our authors in the form of marketing design (bookmarks, websites, etc.) and scheduling local area bookstore readings and book signings, podcast tours, and guest blog posts. Let us know in your submission if you would like more information about these services to get your book off to the right start.